We want to establish mentoring relationships, to provide safety by helping youth and families to achieve positive change. We believes that change start within families and surrounding communities. We are determined to make the change successful with the help of partnership and community relations. To give moderate to high risk youth an alternate way of life. We pride ourselves with delivering positive result. This is our second year of operation is San Joaquin County providing positive programs for at-risk youth and adults. Our self-development programs include counseling, education, employment, life skills, and survival skills.We recently added a Fatherhood workshop through the Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin County and will be implementing a woman’s self-defense program in the near future. Gang violence within the community has many causes, i.e, high unemployment, poverty, high truancy, high dropout rates, family structure, and gaps in service delivery programs. These many causes require a multiple faceted approach at two levels:


1.) HOPE implements a wide array of community agency collaboration with community government, faith based organizations, and private and public agencies.


2.) HOPE seeks various solutions to bring an end to gang violence. It took almost 50 years for gang violence to reach current levels. It will take a whole community and every concerned individual to resolve these issues.